Cohort 2 Program

Empowering the youth of India is the pathway to bring about real change. Mission Innovation Mysuru is a flagship program of the University of Mysuru to inculcate a maker’s mindset to bring sustainable positive change in communities in and around Mysuru.

This program was conducted in TWO phases

Phase - 1

University Career Hub, University of Mysore in association with Reap Benefit Foundation, Bengaluru, conducted Mission Innovation Mysuru program for 3 months from 4th July to 29th September, 2022, for the Post Graduate students of Department of Studies in Social Work ofManasagangothri, Mandya, Chamarajanagara PG Centres and Government First Grade College, KR Nagar.

Orientation program was held on 4th July, 2022 at Department of Studies in Social Work,Manasagangothri. Activities like bridge building, life journey experience, and many other group activities were conducted.

This program inspired young minds to identify, discover, investigate, solve and share local civic and environmental problems related to issues of water, waste, energy, sanitation and air. It has identified and promotedinnovative students to build commercial and business ventures.It aims to bring out talented entrepreneursto the society.

Students were able to identify various challenges faced by communities in and around Mysore and create innovative solutions through MIM programs. They were able to implement a structured process of discovery of an idea, its investigation and ideation.They came up with rapid prototypes [RPT] for the various problem statements.

Group review process was conducted on regular basis. Students learnt mapping, documented the data, uploaded pictures & videos on to Google drive, record their actions on Chatbot, stakeholder feedback was given and students practiced and presented how their prototypes could be implemented on timely basis. Due to stipulated period, the students were only able to come out with prototypes.

The program concluded with an Exhibitionwhich was organised to exhibit the various projects carried out by these students on 29th September, 2022 at University Career Hub. Prof. G. Hemantha Kumar, Former Vice Chancellor, UoM, was the Guest of Honour for this program and Dr.Chethan H K, the then Special Officer to Vice Chancellor, also participated and briefed the students. Team wise students were given a grant declaration for the various projects.

University Career Hub is open for such initiatives which can groom the future of students.

Phase - 2

21 Day Internship Program -
University Career Hub[UCH] through Mission Innovation Mysuru[MIM] creates its success story, for Master in Social Work Students.

In this period, the students continued their projects further to find solutions for the problem statements identified during first phase of MIM.

A 21 days rigorous Internship Program for Post Graduate students of Department of Studies in Social Work ofManasagangotri, Chamrajanagaraand Mandya PG Centres and Government First Grade College, KR Nagar from 17th November to 7th December, 2022.

The students had identified local civic and environmental problems related to farmers, public transport, medical kit availability, environment and lot more. Later they developed a deeper understanding of the communities around them, the society at large, developed Financial acumen, built 21st Century skills ( 4 Cs) -Critical thinking and problem solving, Communication, Collaboration and Creativity, and also enhanced technology skills namely Google forms, Google data studio, Google earth pro, Maps, Chatbots, Exif( Photo extraction), and Exotel ( IVRS).

Seven teams namely Green Development, Care For You, NammaGramaNammaYojane, Water Quality Map, Students Farmer Market, Doctor Sanitation, Save Library teams pitched their ideas in the program. These teams have continued their work progress for the next 3 months.

The program was inaugurated by Smt. Dr. Sangeetha Gajanan Bhat, Finance Officer, University of Mysore. UCH Coordinator, Prof.Hamsaveni L, welcomed everyone to the event.Smt. Jayashree Krishna, Industry Consultant, UCH, briefed about MIM program, its need, conceptualization, emphasis and the outcome of the program to the gathering.

Smt. Dr. Sangeetha Gajanan Bhat, in her Presidential address, shared her experiences in the civic and environmental field and briefed the students about the importance and awareness of such students to the society. She also encouraged the students to indulge themselves to take up more of such problems so as to provide solutions to the society and also bring awareness of these problems and its solution to the concerned authorities.

The students presented to the gathering about their experiences on the various problem statements taken up by their teams and their motives towards their solution. Students were inspired and few of them have taken the program ahead to become successful future entrepreneurs.

The program concluded with vote of thanks by Dr. Jyothi HP, Chairman, Department of Studies in Social Work, Manasagangothri, Mysuru.